Dehydroacetic acid is present in most of the cosmetics

Dehydroacetic acidDehydroacetic acid is a chemical for industrial use with a wide variety of different applications. Accordingly it plays an important role in many key industries. Thanks to the preserving and stabilizing qualities of this chemical, it can be used in a lot of varying cosmetic and personal care products and depending on the location it might also be used in certain food products.

The important usage of Dehydroacetic acid in products for cosmetic and personal care

Dehydroacetic acid is often a part of the formulation of a wide variety of products, such as bath, fragrance, shaving, hair and nail products, for sunscreen and suntan as well as skin care in general. Various types of eye and facial make up and many different products more belong to the range of products that include this chemical in their components. This is thanks to the ability of Dehydroacetic acid to specifically kill microorganisms as well as to prevent their growth and reproduction in general. This means that it protects cosmetics, personal care and other products from spoilage. In some cases Dehydroacetic acid can be used in combination with other chemicals, for example Benzyl alcohol and/ or Phenoxylethanol, but it is already a strong and important chemical for preserving and stabilizing by itself. Dehydroacetic acid is sold as a tasteless and odorless white powder. With its bactericide and fungicide activity it is used as a common stabilizer for a wide variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, for the syntheses of veterinary medicines and as an additive for PVC-stabilizers. The chemical is recognized worldwide by major regulatory authorities for cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances for its use in cosmetic and personal care products. In some countries, like Japan, it is also officially recognized as a food preservative.

How to find high quality provider for the specialty chemical Dehydroacetic acid

Since Dehydroacetic acid is a specialty chemical, it should only be bought from high quality providers who show a lot of experience and specific knowledge in the production, handling and logistics of specialty chemicals. Reliable companies, often with a wide supply of different specialty chemicals, tend to work as global organizations with several facilities on different continents. Their culturally sensitive teams enable them to competently manage and navigate the various differences in business cultures all around the world. A good supplier for specialty chemicals only complies with the highest standard requirements in regards to the quality of their products as well as the necessary safety protocols.