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Dry ice – Also suitable for cleaning

Dry ice is only known to most people because it is mainly used in the parcel and delivery industry. For example, if you order something from the supermarket, you can be sure that especially with chilled products, the respective food is delivered with the infamous dry ice. This is used for keeping fresh and cooling accordingly, so that frozen goods and very sensitive fresh produce must not be missing in any case the dry ice. But who would have thought that the dry ice is also good for cleaning? Here it is also used more and more often and why, we explain at this point extremely gladly.

Dry ice for high-quality cleanings increasingly popular

While dry ice is particularly evident when sending fresh food, it is now also becoming increasingly effective for high-quality cleaning. A dry ice machine for cleaning is increasingly used here, which is able to eliminate stubborn dirt with immense pressure. Solid carbon dioxide is supplied in this, i.e. the dry ice known to us and then set to 79 °C minus, so that the cleaning can begin. By the way, dry ice is not toxic or chemical, so that the dangers here are significantly lower than with conventional cleaning agents. However, the field of application is still mostly limited to industry, for monument preservation and production, with more and more areas being added.

Dry ice is increasingly used for cleaning

Whether in production, in the warehouse, in industry or even in the preservation of historical monuments – the dry ice machine for cleaning is increasingly coming to light here and inspires right away. The spraying speed is on average 1.56 g/cm³ and is therefore of course also extremely fast in order to be able to allow the cleanliness to take place just as quickly. Dry ice is used at a working pressure of 13 bar and can also contain glass beads, garnet sand and glass breakage. It depends entirely on the machines.

The high cleaning power and the strong pressure make it difficult to stand up to the dry ice machine for cleaning. That is precisely why it is all the more important that they are used where heavy pollution is omnipresent. This is where the industrial and manufacturing sites come to light the most, where in any case heavy dirt is commonplace and the cleaning must be of high quality, but also quickly at the same time. Dry ice is thus a really effective remedy against any dirt and dirt, which should certainly please some companies, in order to be able to ensure increased cleanliness.

Where dry ice is otherwise used more in the food industry, the cleaning industry has long since taken a liking to it. Here it makes sense to find out more about the machines for cleaning with dry ice and to see if they might not come out very well in your own company.

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