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Embroidery with beads

Embroidery with beads is an art that has been practiced for centuries around the world. Embroidery has a very long tradition, which is accordingly characterized by a wealth of designs and colors. With bead embroidery you can express yourself in a creative way and create your own art.

What is embroidery with beads?

fashion hipster outfit female shirt detailsIn bead embroidery, small beads are sewn onto the fabric to complement the embroidery design. Sometimes the beads are threaded onto the embroidery thread itself. There are countless ways to create an embroidery with beads. The technique is suitable for many different projects such as clothing, accessories or decorations. If you are interested in this technique, you should first familiarize yourself with the required materials and embroidery technique before implementing your own creative ideas.

Select materials

Before starting the embroidery work, the design should be determined. What should the final result look like? Where exactly should the beads be placed? What color and shape should they have? Only after the design has been created should you consider what type of beads to use.


There are a variety of beads to choose from, such as glass beads, wood beads, plastic beads, metal beads, or specially cut crystal beads from wholesalers. Each type of bead has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on the project at hand to determine which beads are best.


Beads are available in a wide variety of sizes, embroidery usually requires very small beads, but an eye-catching large bead can also be placed nicely in embroidery.


Of course, the color is also important. The colors should be matched to the color of the fabric and embroidery thread to create a harmonious overall look.

Advantages of embroidery with beads

If you are looking for a creative way to make an embroidery project even more creative, embroidering with beads is a great choice. For one, beads add texture to the project, making it stand out from ordinary embroidery. Also, beads can be used to create many different effects, such as shine, shimmer, or glitter. In addition, there are countless ways to incorporate beads into your embroidery, whether as an accent or as part of the design itself.

What kind of thread should be used?

There are several types of thread suitable for bead embroidery, but the right thread also depends on the specific project. If you are embroidering on a thin fabric you should choose very fine thread, if you are embroidering on a real fabric you can use multi-thread embroidery thread.

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